About Us

Global Indian Directory Pte Ltd is in the process of creating the largest Global ethnic Indian origins' (Tamil, Hindi, Malayalee, Punjabi, Telugu etc.,) search portal of Business Companies, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Associations.

The search portal will be known as www.GlobalindianDirectory.net (GiD), an easy reference for contacting Indians dealing with business in any part of the world.

The main objective of the portal is to promote Singapore Indians Business community's services and products worldwide, especially by connecting the global Indians Business Community.

This Directory will provide an impetus and will serve as a launching pad for the Indians in the world to work together, in making a network with each other and get benefit from the access it provides.

We are inviting you to register your Business Companies, Associations (Societies, Temples, Social media groups etc.,) and yourself if you are a Professional (Entrepreneur, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Counsellor, Actor etc.,).

We have added Classifieds Ads to this portal to add value to the membership of the listed Companies and organisations.

Global Indian Directory was awarded the most prestigious ASEAN TOP BUSINESS AWARD by International Business Federation (IBF) on 12 March 2017.



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